In 2020, winter was particularly harsh, and there were more than 300,000 homeless people in France. Faced with this emergency, SMILE MOUVEMENT asked for our help in organising a rapid and effective relief operation.

Naturally, we accepted the challenge enthusiastically, as we are deeply convinced that direct and transparent humanitarian action is the best way to respond to our society’s most urgent needs. We have worked tirelessly to organise a concrete action, mobilising more than 30 admirable local associations that we invite you to follow and support.

Through this project, we wanted to put into practice the 5 fundamental values of UTO:

With more than 3,000 people losing their lives on the streets of France every year, acting quickly to meet their vital needs and preserve their lives is everyone’s duty.

Saving a single person is like saving the whole of humanity; each life saved represents a victory over precariousness, a ray of light in the darkness.

So if we have saved just one man during this harsh winter, this project is a success.

Our commitment to act quickly and effectively in this mission is testament to our experience and our desire to make a real difference in the humanitarian world and the lives of the most vulnerable within our reach.

Our ability to design and organise humanitarian responses in a very short space of time is a demonstration of our experience, determination and commitment to the most vulnerable populations.

In crisis situations, we mobilise quickly, setting up effective coordination mechanisms, mobilising resources and deploying experienced teams.

Our experience and expertise enable us to make informed decisions and implement strategic actions within tight deadlines.

Our ability to act depends on your generosity.

UTO wanted to demonstrate the power of collaboration by showing that small, unrecognised organisations can come together effectively to do extraordinary things and make the world a better place.

Where large NGOs and governments are powerless, our network of admirable small associations can be agile, proactive and resilient.

Together, we combine human resources, on-the-ground expertise, the unique characteristics of each individual and a passion for helping others.

By working together, we are demonstrating that the sum of small acts can have a huge impact on the world, offering hope and assistance where abandonment and death once reigned.

By joining forces, we become stronger than the sum of our parts, embodying the true essence of UTO.

Mobile devices and social networks are powerful tools for positive change through raising awareness, sharing information and mobilising resources. They have unprecedented potential to effect meaningful change.

Transparency is the backbone of UTO, and accountability its hobbyhorse.

For UTO, every donation made to the needy is a sacred gift, and we make it a point of honour to systematically organise meticulous monitoring of each of our projects.

The report we have written for the Smile Mouvement project reflects the UTO ethos; we invite you to download it and analyse it carefully, and to let us know any suggestions you may have to help us be even more useful to others.

Trust doesn't exclude control

This report reflects our vision of accountability to our benefactors

It is mainly thanks to your generosity that we are able to provide assistance to the needy in the four corners of the world. For UTO, your trust is precious and we have developed real-time monitoring processes for each of the projects that you entrust to us in order to guarantee the traceability of your donations.

33 associations, €11,200 collected, 2,000 winter kits, 1,250 meals, 1,550 beneficiaries.


276 EUROS (page 21)


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