Collaboration is anchored in our deep roots because we know that we can never be useful to others, without others…

Far from ego conflicts between certain entities, it is with gratitude that we welcome our multiple partners to celebrate together the creative power of unity in charity; where every voice, every skill and every talent is essential to building a better world.

The great deserts are made up only of tiny grains of sand, the immense ocean of small drops of water and at UTO we have the sincere conviction that a small gesture here can have great beneficial effects at the end of the world.


National Collaborations

In 2020, France recorded more than 300,000 homeless people. To deal with the emergency, SMILE MOVEMENT asked for our help. We are convinced of the effectiveness of direct action and have mobilized 30 local associations.

International Collaborations

We act on the ground, as close as possible to communities, to respond to real needs. With a network of more than 140 local NGOs, we operate effectively on a global scale. Our specialized teams carefully select partners aligned with our ethical values for quality and impactful humanitarian projects.